The system of Scenario - ingeniously simple!

With peg connectors, the wall modules can be quickly and easily set up for exhibition booths, partitions, retail environments and displays. You are never bound to rigid angles. Modules can be connected at angles from 0 to 360 degrees and can be set side by side or stacked one above the other.

No tools
Scenario is versatile and variable. With its simple installation and minimized logistical effort, the system is convincing - always follow the same simple peg-connection principle. This not only reduces stress but also time and money. No matter what you put together, one fits the other.

Scenario is at any time capable of conversion and extension, even retrospectively. If necessary, you can expand your system from a simple display to complex exhibition booths with all the trimmings. The demand changes – the modules remain the same.



Sophisticated Scenario Accessories

Furniture, surfaces and lighting technology: Scenario can be perfectly adapted in all areas to fit your needs and leaves no wish unfulfilled. From a range of more than 175 Color and Metallic tones - you can choose other colors.

Tables, podiums, suspended panels, picture hooks, coat hooks, brochure displays, lockable display cases, cabinets, counters, desks, pedestals, shelves, doors,
folding doors, lighting - Wide range of accessories in the same aesthetic design.

Move your lightweight modules and components, protected by a rugged transport case. With lined interior, reinforced corners and edges, handles and screw caps – modules are easy to transport and load.



Counters and tables for Scenario

Using the same simple design principle, the most varied furniture is assembled. Counters, tables and lecterns are set up in a few minutes.

With lockable door elements you can protect valuable content. The construction principle is always the same - just connect with pegs.

Appealing showcases with acrylic glass modules bring special exhibits to their best advantage. The display cases are lockable and can be equipped with indirect lighting.



Lighting technology for Scenario

Make your mark with a brilliant LED or halogen light. The spotlight can be swiveled in all directions. The installation is very simple: hang, connect contacts and switch on.


Door modules for Scenario

Doors are available in many variations. Opening to the left or right, white or colored, pendant or folding: With Scenario, nothing is left to be desired.

All doors and passageways are delivered as complete ready-to-assembly modules. The installation is very simple and as easy as the assembly of all other Scenario members



The quickest and easiest connection principle

Scenario Series 500

  • Wall modules with honeycomb core
  • Cover sheets: 3.2mm thick
  • Wall thickness: 25 mm
  • Surface: White
  • Vertical edge radii: white PVC profile
  • Horizontal edge: white PVC lip

*Also solid wood version available. If color is desired, the MBA surface covering program can provide just the right color or texture.


Finish and color options for Scenario

By default, the wall modules are produced in classic white. The connectors and radii profiles are also white. Fine Embossed, non-reflective surface coverings give the modules a very attractive appearance.

From a range of over 175 Color and Metallic tones, you can choose your color. You can choose other colors. Even the edge profiles and the connectors can be produced in color upon request.



Economical exhibition wall with the peg connection principle

Scenario Series 510

  • Wall modules with honeycomb core, 10mm thick
  • Wall thickness: 10 / 25mm
  • Surface: white
  • Vertical edge aluminum profile, D = 25mm, natural anodized
  • Horizontal edge: White PVC lip

If color is desired, the MBA surface covering program can provide just the right color or texture.

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Material and heights of the series 510

25 mm thick round anodized aluminum profilesprofiles are made of anodized aluminum and 10 10 mm thick panels made of white-coated wood materials
Uopn request acrylic glass or PVC in-fills are possible.

The walls of the 510 series are available in 1970.5 mm height 984 mm height. Both heights can be combined. Of course, other formats are available upon request.